Rehab industries arrive in Clontarf
Courtesy of your local friendly professional Estate Agent Rehab industries are now offering a free computer recycle service here in Clontarf. Frustrated at having to dump old yet working computers I contacted Rehab industries to see if they could be put to further use. They provide important employment to people with special needs, reusing old computers in the process. When we discovered that they needed a drop off location in Clontarf we immediately volunteered a permanent space in our hall for a Rehab recycle cage. From 1st August you can now bring your old computer, monitors or laptops to our office during working hours and leave them for collection by Rehab. They will also guarantee to remove your personal data if required.

Clontarf House prices recovering quickly
Demand for small 3 and 4 bed houses in Clontarf currently outstrips supply as our recent sale of 75 Seapark Road demonstrates. With an asking price of €345,000, only three weeks from launch to sale and a closing price of €355,000 we can confirm the presence of at least 15 active buyers still waiting to buy in the area.

We Love Kincora Court
Not a week goes by without someone calling to our office to ask if there are any bungalows coming up for sale in Kincora Court. Small houses on one level are ideal for persons trading down, West facing rear gardens make some of them more attractive still. If you are thinking of selling call us for a very competitive fee and a higher than expected sale price.

Buyer Mistakes
Buyers often complain that selling agents fail to keep them informed of the status of a property they have viewed and become enraged when they find the property has been sold and they didn’t even get a chance to bid. Suitably incensed they can rant and rave about the agent selling the property to a friend implying all sorts of wrong doing on the part of the hapless salesman. The reality from the agents perspective acting on behalf of the vendor is very different. Here are our top five tips for buyers who want to make sure the agent engages with them.

1/ Don’t ask the agent to “keep you informed on any development with the property”. The agents job is to solicit offers, not keep you up to date with the progress of the sale, that service is reserved for his client. Typically 20-40 people will view every property, it would be physically impossible to “keep in touch” with them all. If you want to keep updated then ring the agent regularly. Bear in mind he will ask you for an offer every time you ring, that’s what the owner is paying him for.

2/ Make an offer and stay in the loop. Nothing tells an agent you care like an offer, and keep it simple.
You are probably competing with other bidders for the house, simple offers carry the most weight, asking for furniture or appliances to be included at the bidding stage will make you stand out as a difficult or fussy buyer, pushing the agent towards more straightforward bidders.

3/ Don’t even suggest that a rival bidder is fake.
The NPSRA insists that all licenced agents keep a record of all bids on every property and they can inspect it without notice. Long after a sale has been completed the record will still be there. IF an agent says he has an offer then “HE HAS AN OFFER”. Calling him a liar will not elevate you in his status as a preferential buyer.

4/ Don’t be an awkward viewer.
If the agent offers you three different appointments and you cannot make any of them, your status as a buyer will be low. In particular when a house is owner occupied, the vendor will be cleaning and tidying for a full day then getting out to facilitate the viewings.
Random appointments can put many vendors under great stress to accommodate them, the agents job is to minimise this. If he thinks he can sell the house at a good price without facilitating a demanding buyer then he will.

5/ The Hierarchy of buyers.
Not all buyers are equal, you can’t blame the agent for it even when it puts you at a disadvantage. In order of preference based on experience of sales a good agent will prefer a buyer in the following order if he has a choice.

  • Single cash buyer
  • Couple cash buyer
  • Single loan approved
  • Couple loan approved
  • Single or couple their own house sale agreed- contracts issued
  • House to sell – not on the market yet.

As a bidder on a property you are entitled to know the status of the people you are bidding against. Then you can use the information as part of your bidding tactics.


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