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13th February 2017

Landlords Briefing: New rental measures will have an impact on landlords future incomes

IMPORTANT READ FOR ALL LANDLORDS Minister Covey has introduced the “Strategy for the rental sector” With effect from 13th December 2016 the following applies. Rent rises […]
17th January 2017

Selling your house without an Estate Agent

A leading Estate Agency tells you how. Craddock Estates have been selling property for over 20 years and we are known for a no nonsense professional […]
10th January 2017

Extending your house – will it add value?

It seems that people extending their home pay scant thought to the effect it may have on the value, unless they are borrowing money and bump […]
3rd January 2017

Top Ten Tips For Home Buyers

1/ The Estate Agents job is to get the highest price for his client the vendor. He has to answer truthfully any questions you put to […]

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