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Craddock Estates have been selling property for over 20 years and we are known for a no nonsense professional approach to helping our clients. Knowing what we know we think you’re mad to try and sell without an Agent. Our advice is that even if you’re not going to use us, you should use somebody, though the smart people will choose us first.

A good agent will earn their fees and make your move so much easier than selling yourself. So if you don’t believe me and are not going to call us at 8330517 then here are our Ten top does and don’ts of selling your own home.

1/ Do start off on the right foot.
When people come to see your house they will judge you and your home together. So you and your home need to be fresh smelling and smiley faced when they knock on your door, inviting them in like you’ve just found a long lost friend. If they’re late (and they often are) just ignore it. Remember they may be the customer and if you give out to them for being late you will get off to a poor start.

Remember ! Don’t leave your dirty car in the drive making them squeeze past getting their clothes ruined as they approach your door.

2/ Do clean up the front garden and driveway, clean the windows and open all the curtains wide to let as much light in as possible.

Don’t ignore signs of vandalism around the front of your property, remove Graffiti if it’s there, pick up bits of rubbish in the front garden, replace cracked or broken glass. If the car hasn’t moved in a few years it’s time to move it now.

3/ Do ensure that you have contact names and phone numbers for all your potential viewers before you allow them into the house.

Find a pretext to call them back on the number they gave you to confirm they are genuine. Work to appointments only.

Don’t let anyone into your home unless you are sure who they are, and share the names and numbers with a friend or family member before the viewings. If you feel vulnerable arrange a call 15 minutes into the appointment so you can confirm you are ok. Remember you are making an appointment with one person but don’t be surprised if the whole family arrives. We don’t charge for a consultation and work hard to earn our fees. Call John now at 8330517 or just keep reading.

4/ Do present the house as best you can. Remove clutter from every room, move furniture to ensure that every door can be opened fully, clean well, hire cleaners if you don’t know how. Air the house for a view hours before the viewing, you can close the windows and turn on the heating for an hour before they are due to arrive.

Don’t ignore broken window handles or door handles, fix the broken doorbell, remove pets for the duration of the viewing and check with a non pet owner if the house smells. If they love you they’ll tell you. If they hate you they might be more specific about it.

5/ Do remember to tell the viewers the truth about your property. You are legally liable for everything you tell the buyers, unlike an agent who can share opinions for which he cannot be held accountable. That’s one great reason to hire Craddock Estates, we put your best foot forward.

Don’t try to hide major structural defects, planning problems, problems with the legal title or neighbour issues as they will come out at the Valuation, Survey or Conveyance stage and your disappointed buyers will drop you like a hot potato when they find out you were not open and honest with them.

If you don’t want to read any more call Craddock Estates at 01 8330517 NOW and ask to speak to a property negotiator.


After 20 or 30 viewings and many promises of repeat visits, offers definitely coming in tomorrow, several bad news surveys, short notice visits from a dozen builders who arrived two days after they said they would, you may think you have finally found your buyer. Next step.

6/ Do ask your buyer for their solicitors details. Ask them to give the deposit to their solicitor to pass to your solicitor. You will also have to give your solicitor the buyers names and address, their solicitors details, and the details of the sale agreed.

Don’t assume the house is even sale agreed until the deposit arrives. Don’t start packing, don’t order a removal van, don’t cancel the milk, you’ve a bit to go yet.

7/ Do make it easy for a Bank Valuer and a Surveyor to access the house to carry out a Valuation and a Survey. You may have to call your buyer a few times to remind them to arrange it. If they haven’t completed this stage after a few weeks it might be time to start worrying.

Don’t expect the Valuer or Surveyor to call on a Sunday or in the evening when you’re home from work. They normally deal with an Agent who will fall over himself (if he’s any sense) to let them in as fast as they want at a time and day of their choosing.

Now we’re going to taker a break from the Dos and Donts and address some of the stickier wickets you have to face when selling your own home. you could just call us now at 8330517 and take the easy route to selling your home but if you’re a sucker for punishment, read on.

The buyers.

If you have been treating them well you are probably on first name terms by now. They see you as a friend. Friends don’t mind when their friends call in without notice to show their Mother, Uncle, Cousin and his friends the new house they’re going to buy. Why would they mind, sure they’ll only be a minute and they don’t need to look in the presses, well not all of them. “I hope you don’t mind, my Dad will be here soon, he’s just stuck in traffic on his way home from work. By the way we’ll probably call at the weekend to measure for some furniture and the builder is due to call next week to give us a quote, he said he didn’t know what day it might be.

One of the reasons that people use Estate Agents when they want to sell a property is that the Agent is a protective barrier between the buyer and his client. None shall pass is a fair description of his role once a sale has been agreed. Most of the time a client will never know about the mad requests that have come over the phone from the buyers as the Agent will knock them on the head. Did you know that there is a link between the number of viewings a buyer has and the likelihood that they will pull out of the sale? It’s the reverse of what you might expect. The more visits they have the more likely it is that they will pull out before the sale closes!

So what’s included in the sale? Unless you’re made of stone you may give everything away before the sale closes just to keep your buyers sweet. If they realise you’re a kind soul the requests will flow quicker than you can give away your prize furniture.

Don’t be a soft touch, say no if in doubt, say no anyway as you can change your mind later if you want to. Still don’t feel you need to call us? Lets get back to the Craddock Estates guide to selling your own home.

8/ Do call your solicitor once a week. Make sure he/she issues contracts quickly and confirm to the buyer when you know this has been done. Make a note of all the dates and calls in case you need to refer back to them later.

Don’t forget it’s you against the world now. Listen to everything the buyer and your solicitor say and clarify everything as you go along, Tie them both to dates and times for issuing the contract, completing pre contract enquiries and finally signing the contract.

9/ Do prepare to renegotiate the sale price the day before they’re due to sign contracts. Yes we know, you agreed a price but that was then, and now they’ve had a survey which was so so, and the valuer doesn’t think it’s great value, and their solicitor reckons they’re paying too much. Bye the way they have you over a barrel too. And you thought you were all friends? So near and yet so far…..

Don’t assume they won’t pull out of the sale. Don’t assume they won’t go ahead. Unfortunately we can’t help you here.

After you’ve sold a few hundred houses you get an instinct for this and know when to stand your ground and when to give way. It’s at times like this that a good Agent earns their fees. Craddock Estates Agents usually say no if our client is brave enough. We’d rather do the work all over again than give away some of our clients hard earned money and give in to blackmail. You will need to flip a coin and then act like you are determined not to give in, or just roll over and give them what they want. Say goodbye to a few grand and wonder for evermore if you really saved fees by not using an agent.

10/ Do congratulate yourself if you’ve got this far and have a signed contract for the sale of your house. Do ask your solicitor to confirm it’s unconditional and that the buyers have paid the balance of the deposit.

Don’t assume the sale will close on the agreed date. Under Irish law the buyers don’t have to close the sale on the contract date. If they fail to complete your solicitor has to serve them with a 28 day notice which of course gives them 28 more days to pay the money and close the deal and that’s after the notice is served. Until the notice is served you can do nothing. Do you get compensated for it? The answer is  yes in theory but no in practice. You would have to sue after the sale closes and not many vendors have the stomach for it. Eventually your sale will close. Congratulations!

It is reported that a barrister once said; “A man who represents himself has a fool for his client”. No matter how capable you are you may find yourself unprepared for the challenge of selling your own home. Practice makes perfect and we have had a lot of practice.

Craddock Estates can successfully sell your property for a competitive fee saving you untold stress and irritation. Call 8330517 today for a free consultation, you won’t regret it.


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