1/ The Estate Agents job is to get the highest price for his client the vendor. He has to answer truthfully any questions you put to him regarding the property but he is not your friend.

2/ Don’t buy a house until you speak to the neighbours, you could be living beside them for a very long time.

3/ A quick look out the back bedroom windows of your future home may show you potential sources of noise or disturbance.

4/ If the house has been modified check its planning status on the Dublin City or Fingal County Council website, it’s all online.

5/ Use the online property prices register to see what other properties in the area have gone for.

6/ If you think you see alterations to a house ask the Estate Agent has planning been obtained for them. If he says “I don’t know “ then ask him to find out and let you know.

7/ Always have a house surveyed by a qualified surveyor, and ask him for details of his professional indemnity insurance before you hire him. You can find a list of qualified persons on the SCSI website.

8/ Good Estate Agents have long ears. Don’t tell your Wife, Boyfriend, Husband, Mother that “you love this house and have to buy it” while you are standing in the first floor bedroom and the estate agent is in the living room, he’ll hear you and it will encourage him to hold out for a higher price for his client.

9/ While you are holding out for the perfect house for a year, four good houses will pass you buy. The perfect house has not been built yet. Lower your expectations.

10/ Some of the happiest people I have met, have lived in the smallest of houses.


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