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Property Management

Property Management Service

It has been our experience that successful property management is 20% looking after property and 80% looking after people. The first key element required to create a successful property management experience is to choose the right Agent and get them to choose the right tenants.

You will need someone who will be honest, articulate, organized, and possess a knowledge of the relevant property legislation and landlord tenant legislation too. The ability to select tenants who will pay their rent, look after your property, and honour their commitments is vital.

Craddock Estates are different; We charge management fees of 10% paid monthly in arrears.

No advance payment means you can dispense with our services at any time, though we will try to make sure you never find a reason to want to part company.

Call John Craddock MRICS MSCSI at (01) 8330517 during office hours, or text your details after hours to (087) 8233784. Send email to

As your managing agent we will:

  • Look after all repairs to your property.
  • Keep you advised of changes in legislation that may affect you.
  • Inspect your property as often as necessary to keep it in good condition.
  • Provide you with an annual statement to facilitate your tax returns.
  • Arrange Gas, Electrical and Fire Safety inspections.
  • Collect the rent and actively pursue arrears.
  • Provide a keyholding service for occupied and vacant properties.
  • Provide free management service between vacancies for existing clients.

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